Our Services

Amundson Strategies services include: Kris Amundson

  • Navigating multi-layered government and political environments, with a deep knowledge base of government and political processes, expansive issue expertise and strong working relationships with policymakers
  • Building successful communication plans and partnering to accomplish clients’ short-term and long-term priorities
  • Providing superior strategic and tactical advice, direct lobbying to leaders, legislators and staff, committee monitoring, and bill tracking for identified legislative issues
  • Developing an effective work plan that includes regular communication and updates

Lobbying and Relationship Building

Amundson Strategies understands that effective communication is paramount to helping clients achieve their goals, and we have well established working relationships across the political spectrum:

  • House and Senate majority and minority leadership
  • Legislative chairs and key staff
  • Governor Mark Dayton, Governor’s leadership team
  • Cabinet officials and key agency staff
  • Federal and local officials across Minnesota, both metro and outstate

Strategic Messaging

Amundson Strategies helps clients frame key messages within the context of current political, budget and policy environments. We help assist clients in setting goals and priorities and goals while establishing messages that are clear, concise and compelling to decision makers.

Coalition and Alliance Building

Strong community relations and grassroots efforts are important elements in a comprehensive public affairs approach. We help clients forge partnerships with other business and community partners to strengthen efforts around issues. All politics is local, as former House Speaker Tip O’Neill once said. We help clients accurately assess needs, and work to increase local grassroots connections to build support that matters.

Political and Campaign Strategy Expertise

Amundson Strategies brings more than 40 collective years of political and campaign experience. Kris served as former Executive Director to the DFL Party and Campaign Director of the House DFL Caucus Campaigns. Lori was a former school board member of a top suburban metropolitan school district and ran for the legislature in a swing district.

We are on the inside of what’s happening in the DFL and Republican parties and understand how to assess political candidates’ positions. Our past political experience leading campaigns and serving in office have prepared us well to play key advisory roles for candidates running for and elected officials serving in federal, statewide, legislative and local office as well as issue campaigns and school referenda.

Issue Expertise

Amundson Strategies serves clients on issue areas across the board, with particular expertise in Bonding, E-12 and Higher Education, Health Care, Commerce, Taxes, State and Local Government, Telecommunications and Environment.